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HEALTH HIV What do innovations in HIV therapy offer? Expectations and needs of people living with HIV In the past, HIV therapy was mainly aimed at suppressing the virus. With advances in medical care, however, the focus has long since shifted from mere survival to healthy living and aging with HIV. E WHAT CHALLENGES MIGHT BE ASSOCIATED WITH HIV THERAPY? There are now large-scale studies that shed light on the experiences and needs of people living with HIV. In the “Positive Perspectives 2” study, for example, 2,389 HIV-positive people worldwide were surveyed. One of the questions addressed challenges they face in their everyday lifes. Among the 120 respondents in Germany, the majority perceived taking their medication as a daily reminder of being HIV-positive. And almost half even hide their medication 1 , partly because being afraid of an undesired disclosure of their HIV status. KNOWING PERSONAL NEEDS It’s important for people living with HIV to know their personal needs well, especially with regard to HIV therapy: the more one is aware of one’s own needs, the clearer it is whether the current HIV therapy fits them. However, just like many other things in life, needs can change. This usually doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually and therefore often unnoticed - which makes regular reviews so important. WHAT DO INNOVATIONS IN HIV THERAPY OFFER? The majority of people living with HIV believe they can benefit from innovations in treatment. 2 For example, if taking pills every day reminds you of your HIV infection and you find that burdensome, you don’t have to just accept it. For example, the results of the Positive Perspectives 2 study show that nearly half of respondents are open to HIV therapy that does not require daily intake. 2 Nearly two-thirds of people with HIV surveyed even said they would be willing to take HIV therapy with fewer active ingredients for the same effectiveness. 2 MAKING HIV A SMALLER PART OF LIFE Thus, in order to maintain a high quality of life, it is important that people with HIV know their own needs and, most importantly, express these needs to their doctors*. If the current HIV therapy does not meet these needs, a frank conversation can help a lot. Thanks to medical innovations, there’s a range of suitable therapies available for various individual needs and expectations. Discussing their treatment needs with doctors* helps making HIV a smaller part in lifes of people living with HIV. For more information and personal stories about living with HIV, visit Sponsored by ViiV Healthcare 1 Wigger A et al, German-Austrian AIDS Congress 2021. poster 46763. 2 Wigger A et al, 15th Congress on Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine 2021. poster P-037. 24 Issue 02

„Ich bin Sozialarbeiter , Ju-Jutsu-Athlet, Gin-Fan und Pflanzenflüsterer .“ Denis # HIVersity Weil ich mehr bin als nur HIV-positiv: NP-DE-HVU-ADVT-210002; 07/2021

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