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ENGLISH Body Positivity

ENGLISH Body Positivity Body norms and BoPoLena You probably already know BoPoLena (Lena Dirscherl) from Insta and other platforms. Her beautiful illustrations of body norms and gender brighten our days and make us think. Exclusively at CHECK, she talks about her socially critical work. Hello Lena, tell us how you got into illustration and drawing comics. I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pen. And have never stopped since then. That's why I've always liked everything that has to do with drawing, such as illustrations, cartoons and of course comics. When I finished school, I completed a degree in illustration and have been working independently in the areas of illustration and comics ever since. Since last year I have also been working as a sensitivity reader for several queer topics. Following your Instagram channel, you can see that your illustrations always have a strong and clear message. Where do you get your ideas from? I don't have to search long for ideas. Since my work on Instagram is socially critical or political, I just have to look at the grievances that unfortunately still exist and convert them into illustrations. It's not always about body positivity, but also about not being pushed into a gender box. Yes. Gender is a big issue for me. I am non-binary myself. That's why I deal with it a lot. Your pictures and posts on Instagram build self-confidence and make you happy. What is the response like? The response is mostly positive. There are some followers who write to me and thank me for my work. Of course there are always haters who attack me personally. But then they are not the ones I want to reach. You have also worked for big brands, how important is it to you that your customers have the same values. Of course, it is important to me that my customers represent the same values, but unfortunately sometimes I can't choose. I don't have the luxury of choosing customers, but also have to take on jobs that bring money but have no social added value. Nevertheless, I always try to sensitize my customers to intersectionality. What kind of projects are coming up in the future? Behind the scenes, I'm currently working on a body positivity series of illustrations for trans* people. When I'm done, it will be posted on Instagram. Are your drawings available to buy as T-shirts or posters? Not yet, but I'm currently working on an online shop. Sometimes I also sell limited edition products on Instagram. So if you want to buy something from me, it is best to follow me there. You can also support me on Patreon. For one of the price levels, I will send the supporters two new postcards, illustrated by me, every month. (ek,mb) Interview: Ernesto Klews Website: Instagram: @BoPoLena Patreon: 8 CHECK OST #2

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