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ENGLISH Medizin Doctor-patient relationship 6 tips to improve communication with patients Talking to the patient is one of the doctor's core tasks. But what should the right communication be like and can one learn this? Doctor and expert Mohy Taha reveals the six most important ideas on how to improve communication with your patients. 1. Show yourself as a person and not as “God in white, who stands above all things”! Avoid technical terms and always empathise with your patients. You should show your caring, empathic side, especially when delivering difficult findings. Support patients and their families with true tips so that they can better deal with any negative news. 2. Listen actively and look the patient in the eyes Anyone who listens actively and looks the patient in the eye really knows what is going on with them. If your counterpart quickly averts their gaze from you or if they show uncertainty then perhaps they are not exactly telling you the truth. 3. Use body language to build confidence Use your facial expressions, gestures and posture very specifically in daily communication. Let yourself be fully involved with your fellow human beings on a personal level. But be careful: the relationship between patient and doctor should not be too friendly and close. Natural distance is important to maintain respect. 4. Avoid technical terms and inconsistent behaviour Avoid inconsistencies in communication. This means that your verbal language and the nonverbal signals that your body is transmitting should send out the same message. It is also advisable that you paraphrase technical terms and that your explanations are understandable. Comparisons from everyday life (such as tube and bowel) are very useful here. 5. The voice sets the mood If you address soothing, gentle words to 58 CHECK OST #2 Mr. Taha studied in Cairo. He then did his doctorate in Zurich and completed various advanced training courses in various countries. He received his training as an orthopedic surgeon in Switzerland. Since then he has worked at the Aarau Cantonal Hospital and the Basel University Hospital, among others. He has been an attending physician in a private clinic in Rothrist since 2020, and also has a practice at de Aarauer Bahnhofstrasse. Mr. Taha has lived in the Aarau area with his wife and children since 2005. your patients, you should emphasize this with an open posture. This is how you solidify your message. Always be human and act like your own life is at stake. To be authentic is the basis for a trusting relationship. How you say something is decisive for the effect! 6. Correctly interpret the patient's body language If the patient sits across from you with their arms crossed and their posture defended, he or she may want to hide something. So always look very carefully and actively listen to what people want to say to you. CONCLUSION As you can see from these ideas from an experienced doctor: it is worthwhile to see people as pure individuals. No two patients are alike. Make sure you have a trusting relationship with them. This is the only way to ensure long-term cooperation on an equal footing. (mt,mb)

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