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Nutrition CAUTION Foto:

Nutrition CAUTION Foto: ENGLISH These 9 foods can lower testosterone levels We’re all aware of the negative effects an unhealthy diet can have on our bodies. In particular, long-term consumption of fast food or foods with a high sugar content damages our organs and can result in a variety of diseases. On top of this, our hormonal balance also greatly suffers from poor nutrition – for both women and men. Nutrition expert and chef Michael Götz-Pijl knows what effects the consumption of certain unhealthy foods has, for example, on the sex hormone testosterone in men. Some of these same foods are labeled as particularly healthy, but aren‘t necessarily so. LINSEED Let’s start with flax seeds, which are actually considered very healthy due to their omega-3 fatty acids and high fiber content and are often eaten in mueslis or bowls. However, if too much flaxseed is consumed, the testosterone level in men can inadvertently be lowered. This is because they contain a high proportion of so-called lignans, which basically mimic the hormone estrogen in the body. And the lowering of the testosterone levels can then promote the build-up of fat and associated diseases such as diabetes. 30 CHECK OST #2

Nutrition LIQUORICE Licorice candies have the same effect on testosterone. They contain glycyrrhizic acid which significantly reduces the testosterone content. So if you are a fan of this candy, you should consume as little of it as possible to avoid lowering your testosterone. Also always have a quick scan of any other sweets you eat to make sure that they do not contain glycyrrhizic acid (including liquorice root extracts). SOY Soy is often a staple food, especially for vegans. With the phytoestrogen it contains, it has about the same effect on the testosterone balance as flaxseed. If you consume too much soy, the totality of hormones could change in the long run and cause some negative effects for men. FAST FOOD BURGER Any kind of fast food is known to be particularly harmful to the body if consumed too much. In the case of burgers, however, it must almost always be assumed that the meat is of poor quality and that as a result the animals killed for this were fed with antibiotics. So not only do you gain weight when you consume too much fast food, but testosterone levels also decrease. And it basically is just not healthy. SOFT DRINKS Even with soft drinks such as cola or energy drinks, it is probably clear to everyone how their frequent consumption has harmful effects on the body. Due to the high sugar content, the increase in the body fat percentage is again strongly promoted in this case, which leads to a reduction in the testosterone content. Unfortunately, this also affects juices as they contain fructose, i.e. sugar. FIBER Surprisingly, care must also be taken not to consume too much fiber in the diet. Of course, fiber intake is important and good, so you shouldn't be without it entirely. However, studies have shown that if you consume too much fiber, your testosterone levels can also be lowered. A balanced diet is key here. GARLIC If you like to eat garlic frequently and often, this may also have a negative effect on your hormone or testosterone balance. Like other leek vegetables, garlic contains the amino acid allicin. When this amino acid is absorbed, the stress hormone cortisol is inhibited, which, as an antagonist to testosterone, also inhibits the production of this hormone and thus lowers its level. Foto: racool_studio / ALCOHOL Of course, alcohol should not be missing from this list. The hops contained in beer in particular are known to lower the testosterone balance. Hops belong to the phytoestrogens and work on the same principle as natural estrogen. Accordingly, for the sake of your health and in order not to reduce your testosterone too much, you should refrain from high alcohol consumption. DAIRY PRODUCTS That might be a bit of a surprise, too. Cows are often fed with soy-containing feed and therefore many dairy products contain soy. As such, a reduction in the testosterone balance is by no means unlikely with high consumption. You should therefore also pay attention to the amount and frequency when consuming dairy products. CONCLUSION Testosterone is a particularly important hormone for men and not only ensures a good libido and muscle building, but also for general well-being. A decrease in the testosterone balance is therefore not recommended and should not be provoked with the foods listed above. As with everything else, it is always about balance. So pay close attention to what and how much you eat. In this way, your hormonal balance stays in balance and you stay healthy. (mgp,ts,mb) CHECK OST #2 31

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