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Prevention ENGLISH WHO

Prevention ENGLISH WHO RECOMMENDATIONS In order to help make the right personal decision about prevention, the WHO (World Health Organization) has defined these criteria: • One should only screen for diseases with serious consequences so that the people who take part in the screening can have a clear health benefit from it. • There must be a sufficiently reliable examination method for early detection that is not itself harmful. • There needs to be effective treatment for the disease that is identified early – and it needs to be proven that this treatment is more effective when used early before symptoms appear. People should be informed neutrally so that they can personally consider whether they want to take part in the screening examination or not. (Source: cancer information service) AND WHAT CAN I DO FOR MYSELF? Although we all know the general rules to healthy living, in the end we are only human and can never perfectly ascribe to them. Nevertheless, it is still helpful to have a little reminder of healthy practices. Namely, that smoking, alcohol, fast food, and sugary foods are unhealthy in the long run. Evening walks or exercise are better than sitting on the couch and watching a series. Small changes in diet and leisure activities can have a big impact if you want to stay healthy and flexible for longer. With a balanced diet, our body receives the minerals and vitamins it needs, and it is only useful to give dietary supplements in certain situations or during illnesses. Long-term use can even lead to undesirable side effects or interactions with other drugs. Therefore, it is best if dietary supplements are always taken in consultation with a doctor or after consulting a pharmacy. A MAP FOR THE PREVENTION JUNGLE With so much talk about prevention, it's easy to lose track. These questions should serve as a guide in the personal pension jungle: • Does this disease even occur in my age group? • Are there any long-term health benefits from discovering the disease earlier? • How often do incorrect test results occur? • How often is an illness overlooked because one supposedly feels safe? You should definitely stay – or become – active. I always think: if I want to play an instrument, then I have to learn the notes and practice scales regularly, even if it's annoying. Occasionally new strings have to be wound up and the instrument has to be tuned, cleaned, and polished. Regardless of whether we want to have our body under control, whether we want to stay healthy and attractive or feel good despite an illness: we have to work on it too. (mm,ts,mb) Basically: If you notice changes in your body or any new complaints or pains, you have to take them seriously and have them clarified by a doctor. With the kind support of Witzleben pharmacies in Berlin Kaiserdamm 24 + 26, 14057 Berlin Author: Michaela Medrow Pharmaceutical representative and beautician 20 CHECK OST #2

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