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The CHECK GINA LIST Attention: As consumption increases, it becomes more difficult to pay close attention to what you are writing down. Please make sure that the information is correct. It is best to decide on a secretary beforehand. In the event of acute symptoms, the person must not be left alone and an emergency doctor must be called immediately. TAKE OUT AND COPY Foto: Schlierner / STREET NAMES G, Gina, Liquid Ecstasy, Fantasy, K.O. drops. Name ANTIDOTE There is no known antidote to either coming down or weaning from a detox. Caution cardiovascular collapse: Mixed consumption, especially with amphetamines, does not help prevent a GHB overdose and does not alleviate symptoms. Caution respiratory paralysis: G can be life-threatening if consumed together with alcohol, opiates or other legal and illegal drugs that impair breathing. Name Name Name CROSSING BOUNDARIES AND ASSAULTS When using drugs, boundaries can start to disappear and you do things that you would not otherwise do. It can also happen that you become a victim of sexual assault or become a perpetrator yourself. If you have become a victim, please contact the police immediately. This article is not intended as a solicitation or encouragement to use drugs. However, at CHECK we believe that it is better to talk openly about drug use and enjoy it safely. (ts,mb) Name Name Dein Magazin Deine Gesundheit

safer use SAFER USE Less risk of drug use ENGLISH Anyone who consumes drugs occasionally or regularly should not only be aware of the dangers of a possible overdose. Unclean consumer instruments such as rolled banknotes or syringes can bring viruses, fungi and bacteria into your body, which can cause dangerous and sometimes incurable diseases. GHB, also known as G, is a popular drug that is also used at chemsex parties. Yet G can be incredibly dangerous and even life-threatening if it is consumed together with alcohol, opiates or other legal and illegal drugs that impair breathing. This list to take out and copy can be used to keep an eye on your own consumption and that of your friends to prevent an overdose. SNIFFING When you ingest substances nasally (through your nose), bacteria and viruses can get directly onto the mucus of your nose. This may result in injuries that can lead to ulcers and inflammation. Transmission possible: hepatitis (A, C), herpes, syphilis, tuberculosis, corona, flu Safer Use: Only use your own, clean tube (with a blunt edge) and do not share or pass on bank notes. SMOKING Many drugs can be smoked: in a pipe, rolled into cigarettes (joints) or from a tin or aluminum foil. This puts a strain on your airways and there is also a risk of a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Transmission possible: hepatitis (A, C), herpes, corona, flu Safer Use: Do not share pipes, joints and foils. Clean or dispose of them after use. INJECTING Viruses, bacteria and fungi can be found in blood residues in used syringes or needles, but also in used filters or dirty spoons. If these get into the bloodstream, they can also get into the heart and lungs, lodge there and lead to life-threatening complications. Transmission possible: HIV, hepatitis (A, B, C), herpes, corona, flu, gonorrhea, syphilis Safer Use: Never share needles and other tools (lighter, spoons, filters). Use only sterile needles. BOOTY BUMP (INTAKE VIA THE ANUS) In addition to sniffing or smoking, substances can be injected with a syringe (without a needle, of course) into the anus. The mucous membranes of the rectum ensure rapid absorption into the blood. Transmission possible: HIV, hepatitis (A, B, C), herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis Safer Use: Wash your hands thoroughly beforehand. Prepare the substance in the usual way, adding no more than 1.5 ml of liquid and allowing the substance to cool. If necessary, rub the anus with lubricant, insert the syringe about 1 cm deep (without the needle!!!) and slowly squeeze the liquid out. Then wash your hands again. If you use clean tools, there is no risk of transmitting HIV and hepatitis. (ts,mb) Source: Deutsche Aidshilfe (DAH) CHECK NRW #4 45

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