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ENGLISH SCIENCE YOU’VE MADE YOUR BED... 5 reasons why you should care about a good night‘s sleep lie in it. The old saying basically expresses that you are responsible for the consequences of your actions. In terms of health, of course, this is not always true. However, improving your own sleep is quite worthwhile. Want to find out why? 1. BE A GOD OF FERTILITY Without adequate sleep, the entire hormonal balance can become messed up. This is because most of the hormones are produced by the body at night. This includes testosterone, also known as the “sex hormone”. Testosterone is not only responsible for the libido, but also has a positive effect on the penile tissue. Perhaps you have already noticed yourself: if you have slept really well and deeply, the morning wood is actually more intense and more productive. By the way: nocturnal erections are a clever trick by mother nature. The penis needs oxygen for good blood circulation. During the day it only gets oxygen when an erection occurs. If you are hunting and gathering, this can be quite annoying. So instead your penis revives at night and regenerates its tissue, so to speak, with a mini workout. 2. DO IT LIKE SLEEPING BEAUTY The famous princess has shown us that a long, deep sleep lures hot princes to bed. Most of the growth hormone somatropin is produced during sleep. This great little hormone repairs cell damage in the skin and tissue, among other things. It is also important for the collagen structure and thus also ensures firm skin. It also breaks down fat from the cells. You may not be able to sleep yourself slimmer, but in general, people who sleep too little over a long time also tend to be overweight. 3. HEAL YOURSELF LIKE AN X-MEN In the deep sleep phase, the body shuts down its functions in order to devote itself entirely to regeneration. Somatropin not only makes you beautiful, it also strengthens bones, increases performance, promotes wound healing and repairs tiny muscle injuries. So if the doctor prescribes bed rest for a cold, it is 64 CHECK NRW #2

actually wise medical advice. The body can ”sleep itself well“. During sleep, blood pressure is also lowered and the heart beats more slowly. Each time you wake at night, the blood pressure rises again. High blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and cardiovascular diseases may develop because of this. Those who sleep well also prevent burnout and depression, as messenger substances released during sleep break down the stress hormone cortisol. 4. BECOME AN EINSTEIN Anyone who sleeps after studying remembers newly acquired knowledge particularly well. In deep sleep, the brain can optimally store new knowledge. If, for example, we learn great new marketing terms and strategies in a training course, we absorb the knowledge while we are awake. But we only remember it in sleep. During the day, the brain saves the new information in a kind of cache. But only in sleep does it transfer the essentials into long-term memory. 5. SCIENCE SEND SIEGMUND FREUD ON VACATION After deep sleep, the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement) begins. Here, brain activity, breathing, pulse and blood pressure become almost as active again as in the waking state. However, the muscles remain completely relaxed. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have observed that during the dream phase, the production of norepinephrine in the brain decreases sharply. It is a neurotransmitter that occurs during stress. In dream sleep, the brain suppresses the release of this stress hormone. In this way, memories of the day can be classified and saved without triggering stress or storing this stress. This important dream phase during sleep works like a kind of overnight therapy, in which the emotional experiences of the day are processed and the associated impressions of stress are alleviated. (ts,mb) Photo: be CHECK NRW #2 65

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