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ADVERTORIAL ENGLISH STIS & HIV: WHAT SHOULD HAVE LONG BEEN CONSIDERED ”NORMAL“ Finally spring, the loosening of lockdown measures are in sight and most of us are probably ecstatic at the prospect of more contact - especially body contact! Some are happy about a return to normality, others call for a “new normal“. When it comes to sexually transmitted infections, or STIs for short, the reality and the perception of what is “normal” are two different things. Time to do some spring cleaning and rethink our attitudes towards STIs altogether. WE ARE ALL AFFECTED Let‘s be realistic: Almost everyone will become infected with an STI in the course of their sexually active life. And since moral concepts do not protect against infections, the following also applies: A fulfilled, unashamed sex life is healthy on many physical and psychological levels. How about if an active, diverse sex life could be lived openly and the associated risks were not considered a stigma, but a normal and, above all, treatable side-effect? THE WORLD IS FULL OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA — SO IS SEX Even a self-inflicted accident is less embarrassing to us than an STI and hardly anyone has ever had to justify a gastrointestinal flu. There are some myths, especially about the ways in which STIs are spread, and we often prefer to talk about an unlikely infection in the station toilet rather than standing by our sexuality. Because STIs are mostly still transmitted via sex, hence their apt name. How about we simply discuss how and with what we got infected openly – at least with doctors and confidants? FACTS OVER SCHOOLYARD JOKES Many of us know STIs like gonorrhea or syphilis from silly jokes rather than from educated, calm conversations. How about we counter each joke about sexually transmitted infections with a fact: • Syphilis has been on the rise again in Germany since 2010 • With consistent adherence to a medication regimen, HIV-positive people can prevent the transmission of the disease by lowering their viral load to an undetectable level. This is now just as safe as using a condom. • Chlamydia infections are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases in Germany and can lead to infertility Facts are not only significantly cooler than worn-out jokes, they also help to better assess transmission routes and one‘s own risk. NOT SHOWING SYMPTOMS DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE NOT INFECTED STIs affect everyone, no matter how good they look, talk, or smell. Unfortunately, trust often does not help against infection either. That‘s also because people simply are uninformed or misinformed about STIs and who they spread. If, however, sexually active people were to be tested for STIs regularly (and without shame), these conversations would also be easier in the future and sex would be even more enjoyable for everyone. What if regular testing for STIs & HIV was just normal? Discreet regular tests for STIs & HIV: s.a.m health combines the reliability of a laboratory analysis with the simplicity of a home test and trustworthy advice on sexual health. 54 CHECK NRW #1

Schnelle und diskrete HIV & STD Heimtests mit Laboranalyse Online bestellen Test & Versand Schnelle Ergebnisse Stock Photo. Mit Modell gestellt. s.a.m health ist ein gemeinsames Pilotprojekt von: Tests auf HIV, Syphilis, Tripper und Chlamydien.

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