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NUTRITION ENGLISH NO NEED FOR MEAT Have you ever considered eating less meat or giving it up entirely? Some do it because they feel sorry for the animals. Others simply want to live healthier. Here we show you a few good reasons why you can - if only for a while - live happily without meat. Foto: YOU EAT MORE FIBER Plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and grains are high in fiber. They pass through the intestine undigested and thus stimulate digestion. Certain intestinal bacteria process what is indigestible for us into shortchain fatty acids. This is totally healthy because these fatty acids regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of heart attack or diabetes. YOU SMELL BETTER Researchers at the Karls-University in Prague found that people who follow a vegetarian diet have a finer sense of smell. But vegetarians not only did better in that test! Their sweat odor was also rated as more pleasant than that of meat eaters. THERE IS A LOWER RATE OF DEATHS FROM CANCER The German Cancer Research Center found that vegetarians have a drastically reduced risk of death from developing cancer. Out of 100 expected deaths in the group of meat eaters there were only 59 deaths among vegetarians. The positive effect of the vegetarian diet is even more clear when considering that among male study participants there were only 52 deaths. 28 CHECK NRW #1 IT‘S BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT According to the Federal German Environment Agency, the production of one kilogram of beef causes an average of more than 15 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions. The production of fruit or vegetables results in less than a kilogram. So those who eat less meat do save emissions. That might not be enough to stop climate change, but it is definitely a good, healthy start. YOU EAT MORE CONSCIOUSLY Decades of meat propaganda has instilled in us the need to eat meat. If we don‘t, we will get sick because we would lack valuable nutrients. This has ensured that serious vegetarians are incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition. They know where to get which vitamins, proteins, fiber and micronutrients from. There is a tremendous amount of literature on the subject and the Internet is also full of information. If you are unsure, you can also consult a nutritionist. YOU’RE MORE ADVENTUROUS IN THE KITCHEN A meal without meat is not a meal? If you look at German cuisine in particular, you might think that‘s true. But if you embark on a life without eating meat, you will quickly notice that there are numerous tasty alternatives. From the simple potato to the exotic fruit, there are no limits to creativity in the preparation of plant-based food. Be curious and enjoy the new tastes you discover on the way. (ts,sw)

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