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ENGLISH psychology GOOD

ENGLISH psychology GOOD RESOLUTIONS The New Year is usually accompanied by a myriad of resolutions. One of the most common resolutions concerns our health: to eat healthier and to exercise more. But if your goals become too big, the mental block to implement them will also grow. - BUT HOW? Graphic: Trueffelpix/ 58 CHECK NORD #4

psychology It is much better and more efficient to ask yourself at the beginning of the year what kind of things were fun in the last year that were also good for your health. Approaching it like this will make you immediately feel completely different. With this good feeling, you manage to make a long-term and, above all, sustainable contribution to your own health promotion. THE RIGHT MEASURE Exercise is usually on top of the list for a healthy lifestyle. At first glance, the sporty type who likes to challenge themselves has a clear advantage - they run up mountains, cycle huge distances or train to the point of exhaustion for a triathlon. But too much exercise places too much demand on the body - and is therefore no longer healthy. So there is a bit of an advantage to being more of a couch potato type. In this case you can think about what kind of exercise is fun and - that is the only real challenge - to treat yourself to this fun regularly. STRESS REGULATION Since the dawn of time, our “software” has been programmed to pour out adrenaline with every challenge, leading to high muscular and mental tension. The only difference is that we used to “work off” our muscle tension by running away or roaming the wilderness. These days we sit in front of our computers for hours just mentally fighting with lions. Therefore, the physical tension remains even after coping with the challenge. Targeted stress regulation is very simple and requires little effort. As we have known for a few thousand years, the “calm nerve” in our nervous system can be activated in a targeted manner through conscious breathing, muscle relaxation or thought control. Often a minute of a specific technique is enough and you can feel a significant reduction in the stress levels. Allowing yourself a minute of conscious relaxation during work, for example through breathing exercises, can already make a big difference and at the same time also reduce stress at work. 5 MINUTES FOR EXERCISE AND STRESS REGULATION The day will also only have 24 hours in the New Year. Therefore, the likelihood of finding more time for health in the coming year is not high. Time management is extremely important in order to implement good resolutions. With just five minutes a day, you can produce a lasting sense of achievement. The “moving concept” has proven itself for this purpose with a specially developed app available for download. Starting with basic moving, you can easily achieve comprehensive activation of the fasciae, spine and blood circulation in just two to three minutes. For further training, there is also focus moving, assisted by an AI personal coach. IT’S WORTH IT Fewer complaints and more quality of life with little effort - that convinces you to stick to your resolutions and get through the whole New Year fit. We shouldn’t be too strict with ourselves and make unrealistic and clearly too high demands on ourselves. Almost every form of movement is already doing something good for our body and contributing to our health - you don’t have to run a marathon for that. (rdd,ts,mb) Roswitha Ram-Devrient is a scientist, entrepreneur and committed advocate of preventive health measures. She has been running courses in relaxation, stress management and personal development since 1980. CHECK NORD #4 59

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