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food transition ENGLISH

food transition ENGLISH Healthy VEGETARIAN ALTERNATIVES to spread on your bread Why vegetarian spreads are healthy and what to look out for next time you shop! 32 CHECK NORD #4

food transition If you want to present your breakfast table a little differently and more creatively, you should definitely try vegetarian spreads. Much of what we already know is vegetarian or even vegan, such as jam. Spreads made from cream cheese or honey are also considered vegetarian alternatives. But the range is much wider. Expert Michael Götz-Pijl reveals which crazy but very tasty spreads are still available and should definitely be tried. In addition, the specialist provides a few tips that you as a customer should definitely pay attention to on this topic. Vegetable pastes without meat flavours are often prepared with a lot of sugar and fat to make them taste better. It is not uncommon for them to contain 22 grams of fat per 100 grams of content. Vegan and vegetarian spreads are therefore not necessarily more fat-reduced and more calorie-conscious than, for example, a cream cheese with only 10 grams of fat for the same amount. In addition, cheap oils and fats are used in a number of products, as well as flavour enhancers and other additives. 1. Always check the list of ingredients Before the product ends up in the shopping cart, you should always briefly check the list of ingredients. By doing this you know what you are buying and what ends up in your stomach. 2. Pay attention to the product which is named first The list of ingredients is ordered according to percentage, from highest to lowest.. By looking at which product is named first, you can directly see what the main ingredient is and in which taste category this product belongs. 3. Tips and tricks for ingredients With a few small tweaks, you can choose a healthier and more nutritious alternative to spreads and other products. Instead of sunflower oil choose the healthier options of olive or rapeseed oils. One should be careful with flavour enhancers or yeast extracts and rather look for an alternative. 4. The rule of thumb The rule of thumb here is easy to remember: the more vegetables and the fewer total ingredients, the healthier the product. And the simpler the food, the more natural flavour it has. 5. Expensive is not always better The expensive branded product is not always automatically the better. A closer comparison of the ingredients is always worthwhile in order to find out the best priceperformance ratio. Niche or fringe products in particular can often surprise and at the end of the day outshine a brand leader on your shopping list. What is the food transition? Food should become safer and more sustainable again. Namely, those who cultivate regionally should make themselves independent of the world market. In addition, our food should be produced ecologically, should not cause any consequential damage to health or the environment and should be made without cruelty to farm animals. CHECK NORD #4 33

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