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ENGLISH prevention

ENGLISH prevention Medical check-ups for men 8 check-ups for you to tackle Statistically speaking, men die around five years earlier than women. This may also be due to the fact that they tend to shy away from going to the doctor on a regular basis. After all, we're “real” guys and would rather clench our teeth and only go to the doctor when it really hurts. But prevention is worthwhile, especially when it comes to diseases that reduce our quality of life enormously when they break out. SKIN CANCER From the age of 35 you can have your skin examined for cancer every two years, which is covered by health insurance in Germany. Dermatologists or general practitioners with additional training look for abnormalities with the naked eye and check for melanomas and carcinomas. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES Here it is very important to recognize risk factors as early as possible. The term cardiovascular diseases includes all diseases of the heart and blood vessels. They appear in many ways and range from high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cardiac arrhythmias to heart failure and heart attacks. Cardiac check-ups are recommended in international guidelines from the age of 40. PROSTATE CANCER Statutory insured men in Germany are entitled to an annual check-up for the early detection of prostate cancer from the age of 45. During the examination, the size of the prostate is determined and it is checked whether it is hardened. And don't be alarmed: by exerting pressure on the prostate, a spontaneous orgasm with ejaculation can occur. COLON CANCER In Germany, from the age of 50, you are entitled to an immunological stool test per year. You can detect blood in the stool, which can indicate colon tumors and precursors of colon cancer. From the age of 55 you can also choose to have a colonoscopy. Here a flexible tube with a light source and a camera is inserted through the anus into the intestine to view the inside of the large intestine. ANAL CANCER This form of cancer is relatively rare compared to colon cancer, but its development can be related to sexually transmitted viral infections. Early diagnosis by a proctologist is important in order to have good prospects of recovery and to reduce or prevent symptoms. TESTICULAR CANCER There is no special screening test for testicular cancer. The semi-annual self-examination is particularly recommended from the age of 27 and/or if the family has already had testicular cancer. GLAUCOMA Find the Glaucoma is an eye disease right doctors that is associated with a steady on pages deterioration in eyesight. Many 70-73. ophthalmological practices offer an examination for early detection. If there is no increased risk and no suspicion of illness, however, the health insurance does not cover the examination. HEARING TEST A hearing test should actually be part of the annual routine examination, regardless of age, because the earlier hearing loss is detected, the better! (ts,mb) Talk to your general practitioner to find out which individual preventive checkups make sense for you and how you can make use of the services. 12 CHECK NORD #4

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