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ENGLISH ADVERTORIAL PROPHYLAXIS COUNSELING BEFORE TRAVELLING visit the medical laboratory There is a great longing for unknown countries and exciting cultures. Especially now after a pandemic-related travel stop for over a year. Slowly, we are carefully starting to make plans again in order to get out of that daily grind, to become a globetrotter, to experience something extraordinary. But be careful: those extraordinary experiences should not include some rather nasty and health-endangering „souvenirs“. In addition to the new Corona variants, there are a lot more diseases that you can catch; most of them are invisible and have goosebumps-causing names such as hepatitis, malaria, yellow and dengue fever, Ebola, Zika or Lassa virus. Vaccinations and drugs are available against some dangerous pathogens, but not against others. The most important thing before any long-haul trip is to find out about the specific health risks in the country of destination. Then you should check your vaccination status and get advice on suitable protective measures. A medical laboratory is a good place to go for that. YOU CAN DO WITHOUT SOME “TRAVEL SOUVENIRS” While travelling there is often more than just “Montezuma’s revenge”, the bacterial and life-threatening traveler’s diarrhea from tropical regions. It is pretty likely that travelers will come into contact with dangerous germs that are still largely unknown in their part of the world. Basic protection against tetanus, diphtheria, rabies, polio, and thrombosis prophylaxis, what many forget about on long-haul flights, should not be ignored. It is very easy to prepare yourself and to check your vaccination status: make an appointment in a medical laboratory – such as at Labor Dr. Heidrich & Kollegen in Hamburg – and get extensive information, advice and, if necessary, vaccinations from a laboratory doctor, immunologist or microbiologist. INTERVIEW WITH DR. JENS HEIDRICH Is it normal to be going to the medical laboratory before travel? Many people don’t yet know that you can come to us directly and without a doctor’s referral. We laboratory doctors are specialists and well versed in matters of pathogens as well as defense and treatment strategies. Our area of ​ expertise also includes medical advice before a long-haul trip and diagnosis of subsequent symptoms of illness. As a rule, travel prophylaxis must be paid for by yourself, unless there is a recommendation from the Ständigen Impfkommission (Vaccination Commission, www. If in doubt, ask your health insurance company. 26 CHECK NORD #2

ADVERTORIAL Have the dangers from pathogens increased? Yes. Dangerous pathogens have spread further, particularly as interest in discovering distant countries has increased, and there is increasing carelessness and lack of interest to vaccinate – apart from the Corona issue – in the population. Over half of all newly diagnosed hepatitis A infections are souvenirs from countries with poor hygiene standards. Dangerous mosquito-borne germs such as the West Nile virus have immigrated to Germany. In addition, the low fear of infection has helped the syphilis pathogen to a revival and increased the TBE numbers of non-vaccinated people on hiking holidays in Bavaria. Need a Corona- PCR-test for your trip? Without an appointment Monday–Friday 8:00–18:00 What can each individual do to protect themselves? If you want to experience the world, you have to remember that you are not immune to germs and that you are also endangered by an infection. Therefore, I recommend that you check your standard vaccination protection and, if necessary, update it, as well as find out about the risk of infection typical of the country before you travel. Prescribed standby medication belongs in the first-aid kit, and hygiene and protective measures should be observed on site. If you have complaints after the trip, especially if you have a fever, you should consult a doctor. Careless use of prophylaxis and aftercare can have serious consequences. Therefore: Let us or a colleague advise you and take responsibility for yourself and others. I wish you a healthy journey and, above all, a lot of fun discovering foreign cultures! Labor Dr. Heidrich & Kollegen Klinikweg 23, 22081 Hamburg Tel. 040-970 7999-0 E-Mail: Foto: Silas CHECK NORD #2 27


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