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CHECK Berlin/Brandenburg #6

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HIV ENGLISH What to consider when TRAVELING WITH HIV Traveling opens our eyes to other countries and cultures and makes our lives richer. As beautiful as a trip is, it can sometimes be so laborious to plan it. Like most, people with HIV should check their own first-aid kit before going on holiday and carefully look into whether everything is still there. But do you have to pay attention to other things when you want to travel? In principle, as an HIV-positive person, you can travel anywhere, regardless of whether it is for business or for a vacation. But there are a few things to consider: in some countries, there is a general ban on unprotected sex for people with HIV, even if their viral load is below the detection limit thanks to successful therapy. Some countries even completely refuse entry to HIV-positive people or only allow them to stay for a limited period of time. PREPARATION IS THE BE-ALL AND END-ALL It is important for people with HIV to be well informed in advance, especially about transporting and taking their medication. To ease traveling with HIV medication, doctors often issue a certificate stating that the tablets carried are required due to a chronic illness. HIV does not have to be specifically named. If there is a time difference associated with the trip, this can be a bit more complicated, because the time of taking the medication should remain as constant as possible. To be on the safe side, you can work out the time of intake together with your doctor before you start your journey. WHAT IS ALSO IMPORTANT WHEN PLANNING There are also a number of organizational points that HIV-positive people need to clarify when planning their trip. At the beginning of the planning phase of a trip, for example, it is important to talk to the doctor about recommended vaccinations for the respective travel destination and, if necessary, to have them refreshed. It is also advisable to find out whether it makes sense to take out additional foreign health insurance or travel insurance. SHORTLY BEFORE THE START OF THE JOURNEY Before starting the journey, it is important to pack a sufficient number of tablets for the entire duration of the journey as well as a small buffer - in case the stay is extended unplanned. Many people pack their medication in their hand luggage in case the suitcase should be lost, because it is possible that the medicines are not readily available at the travel destination and it is therefore difficult to get supplies on site. TRAVEL CAREFREE There are a few things to consider when traveling for HIV positive people, especially when it comes to HIV medication. If this makes you feel unsafe, it is advisable to talk to your doctor about it. So you can find a solution together and continue to travel carefree in the future. (ts,mb) Further information and personal stories about living with HIV can be found at Supported by ViiV Healthcare 92 CHECK BERLIN/BRANDENBURG #6

„Ich bin Porn-Actor, Wissenshungrig, iT-Nerd und eine Naschkatze.“ Vadim # HIVersity Weil ich mehr bin als nur HIV-positiv: NP-DE-HVU-ADVT-210002; 07/2021

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