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CHECK Berlin/Brandenburg #6

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Society Foto: Laz'e-Pete

Society Foto: Laz'e-Pete / PATIENT WILL In order to ensure that the end of life proceeds according to your own wants, you can issue a patient will. This ensures that the patient's will is implemented, even if it can no longer be expressed in the current situation. If there is no patient will or the stipulations in it are too vague or general, the representatives decide together with the doctors on the pending treatment on the basis of the presumed patient's will. Attention: In the case of decisions with particularly serious consequences, the approval of a supervisory court may also have to be obtained. GOD AND LAW guaranteed. In addition, there are provisions for euthanasia associations and the necessary sanction regulations. RELIGIOUS HERITAGE With the introduction of an all-ruling God through monotheistic religions such as Christianity, the idea also came up that this God alone has control over life. From then on, arbitrariness and self-determination were frowned upon. As well as homosexuality and many other freedoms, which we only fought back with great effort in the last century. “That is why I am of good cheer in weakness, abuse, need, persecution and fear for Christ's sake; because when I am weak, I am strong." This is what Paul says in a letter to the Corinthians. But that does not mean that suffering and pain is God testing you for the strength of your faith. Our theological heritage must be critically questioned, at least if it contradicts a right to identity or self-determination. Why else would God have given us such great things as free will and reason? Can you blame Bernd for wanting to die? Can doctors be expected to give their patients a deadly poison as a last wish? Should euthanasia be a profitable business model? These are questions that neither law nor God can answer. But the law must recognize and prioritize self-determination in all matters that relate to assisted dying. Only then can we even discuss contemporary morality that corresponds to our basic modern ideals of unity, justice and freedom. (ts,mb) Around 10,000 people take their lives in Germany every year. If you have thoughts of suicide, whether for psychological or physical reasons, please contact one of the many agencies that are familiar with the subject. Telefonseelsorge, for example, offers immediate help around the clock by phone, email and chat: 0800/111 0 111 0800/111 0 222 70 CHECK BERLIN/BRANDENBURG #6

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