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Aging ENGLISH Generally

Aging ENGLISH Generally speaking: our body begins to resent “lifestyle sins” such as alcohol, cigarettes, excess sugar, lack of sleep or too little exercise. Because our body can no longer repair the damage we caused as easily as in our younger years. The 65s THAT'S WHERE LIFE BEGINS 60 IS THE NEW 40! Old people are not what they used to be. A few decades ago, pensioners were gray-haired, frail, exhausted and ripe for the allotment garden. In photos of my grandparents' generation, I almost always estimate people to be 20 years older than they were at the time of the photograph. Today 80-year-olds run marathons or start new hobbies. A high standard of living, an adequate supply of nutrients, and modern medicine enable us to be agile and fit for much longer. Despite the fact that the body continues to degrade and we can feel it at this stage of its development. The good news, however, is that you can still achieve a lot with a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise. CONCENTRATION AND BONE MASS Our memory is losing capacity and the speed at which we process information, as well as our concentration and memory decrease. Muscle and bone mass also decrease continuously, followed by the basic and performance metabolism. The body is less and less able to store water, which leads to a reduction in cartilage mass. This promotes joint diseases and you start to shrink a little. SEX AND SENSES The ears suffer from constant exposure to noise and the sensory cells on the tongue and in the nose decrease. Sexuality is also beginning to change. The body becomes aroused more slowly and orgasms are felt less intensely while loss of libodo and erectile dysfunction occurs in men. The proportion of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes is increasing. This is the time when you shouldn't "forget" about regular checkups. In addition, there is a reduced performance of our detoxification organs. So our body will resent us for lifestyle sins. But if you have treated your body reasonably carefully and are still physically and mentally active, you can easily outperform lazy fastfood lovers in their 40s. Attention: At this age, men are also plagued by a common ailment: prostate problems. With increasing age, the prostate gland usually enlarges through benign cell proliferation, which leads to increased pressure on the ureter and bladder. Symptoms include increased urination as well as problems and pain when urinating. Illustration: brgfx / freepik 48 CHECK BERLIN/BRANDENBURG #6

Aging 65+ BE COMFORTABLE IN YOURSELF AND HAVE NO REGRETS IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DEPOSITS Our machine has already accumulated quite a bit of wear and tear. The strength of our bones and their density decrease. The bones become brittle. The immune system also reduces its activity and wound healing is delayed. The lungs can take in less oxygen and the heart slows down. Deposits form in the arteries. Diseases such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis and cancer are on the rise. Multiple illnesses and medication increasingly affect the metabolism. On top of this, brain activity and sensory organs continue to decline. DIET AND MIRACLE CURES Still, no need to despair. Because most of us now develop symptoms of old age later and more slowly. Many are spared the abovementioned developments into old age and chronic diseases are often easily treatable today. Research has deciphered many of the processes involved in aging and found that a lack of certain nutrients can often lead to symptoms. Each body is different though and unfortunately there is no miracle cure, but you can do something good for your body and support its functionality on the long journey on which it accompanies us. HYALURON Hyaluronic acid supplies the skin with moisture and supports its binding in the deeper layers of the skin. It softens wrinkles and compensates for the moisture loss in aging skin. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS Unsaturated fatty acids improve blood flow, have anti-inflammatory effects and improve the communication speed of brain cells. They have a positive effect on blood lipid levels and can have a positive effect on the risk of chronic illnesses or the reduction of cognitive abilities. COENZYME Q10 The concentration of coenzyme Q10 slowly decreases with age, for example in heart muscle tissue. As it supports various enzymes in the body, it is involved in many processes and contributes to cell health. Foto: Elements 5 Digital / unsplash ATTENTION: The best remedy to prevent premature wear and tear on our machine is a healthy diet, adequate exercise and avoidance of stimulants. Sorry! Helpful nutrients If you don't want to or can't live the ascetic lifestyle to perfection, you should at least read on and take a look at the list of nutrients that have proven to be helpful for many. SELENIUM Selenium plays an important role as an antioxidant and for the immune system. It supports various enzymes that are mainly found in organs and thus contributes to their optimal function. ZINC Zinc strengthens the immune system, metabolism and reduces allergy symptoms. It also has a positive effect on the functioning of our sensory organs. CHECK BERLIN/BRANDENBURG #6 49

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