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CHECK Berlin #3

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CHECK wendet sich an Schwule und Trans*-Männer jeden Alters, jeder Herkunft oder Weltanschauung. • umfassender Serviceteil mit allen wichtigen Adressen von Beratungsstellen, Apotheken und Ärzt*innen


ENGLISH Health RARE, SENSITIVE, SAFE! TAKING CARE OF PATIENTS WITH HEMOPHILIA What do hemophilia*, HIV and a competent pharmacy have to do with each other? What changes does the recently implemented Law for More Safety in the Supply of Medicines (GSAV) bring and why is this important for people with haemophilia? Legal texts sound cumbersome, are often difficult to understand and generally do not promise a really good read. But sometimes it can be important to be aware of them - especially if you are directly or indirectly affected by the content of a law. Just like for people with haemophilia and the GSAV, which took effect September 1, 2020. What‘s new? While it was previously possible - due to a rule of exception - that patients received their haemophilia preparations directly from the doctor, now there is a new player: the pharmacy. And because the care of people with haemophilia requires not only a great deal of responsibility but also certain skills, Claudia Neuhaus, owner of Witzleben Apotheken Berlin, founded the Association of Haemophilia Pharmacies (VHA). The aim is to ensure continuous care without interruptions. The goal is that the hemophilia pharmacies who are part of the VHA can share knowledge and information and support each other. With the intention of developing and implementing high quality standards for patient care: „We want to establish a nationwide network with pharmacies that also specialize in hemophilia.“ Focus on the patient In order to meet the wishes and requirements of patients in particular, the VHA works with the existing associations, patients, doctors and scientists and is a competent contact for policy makers. “We would like to give patients an orientation as to where they can find pharmacies that are committed to high quality and are connected to doctors, pharmacists and patients in a strong network,” says Neuhaus. „Using a list, the patient can see which pharmacy is familiar with the subject of haemophilia and whom he can turn to if, for example, he has an accident or a prescription is lost.“ Treatment continues at the center The patients will of course continue to receive medical care at their center. Claudia Neuhaus emphasizes that this is very important to her. “I also see it as our task to support the patient in being loyal to the center, because that‘s where the specialists are.” But the deliveries, the emergency depots, the documentation - these are all things that you deal with in the pharmacy every day. With the kind support of WitzlebenApotheke For more information on hemophilia and HIV read full article online PREREQUISITE FOR FULFILLING THE QUALITY CRITERIA • Availability around the clock (24/7) • Complete documentation • Provision of emergency depots • Delivery service that is able to maintain the cold chain • Specially trained employees • Nationwide networking Hämophilie • Medizinal-Cannabis • HIV und Hepatitis Eltern und Kind • Onkologie • Pflege Witzleben Apotheke 24 Kaiserdamm 24 • 14057 Berlin Telefon 030 - 93 95 20 30 Fax 030 - 93 95 20 35 Öffnungszeiten Mo, Di, Do 8.00 - 19.00 Uhr Mi, Fr 8.00 - 18.30 Uhr Sa geschlossen Inh. Claudia Neuhaus e. Kfr. Witzleben Apotheke 26 Kaiserdamm 26 • 14057 Berlin Telefon 030 - 93 95 20 00 Fax 030-93952020 Mo - Fr Sa Öffnungszeiten 8.00 - 20.00 Uhr 9.00 - 14.00 Uhr witzlebenapotheke 56 CHECK | AUSGABE 3 CHECK | AUSGABE 3 57

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