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CHECK Berlin #3

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CHECK wendet sich an Schwule und Trans*-Männer jeden Alters, jeder Herkunft oder Weltanschauung. • umfassender Serviceteil mit allen wichtigen Adressen von Beratungsstellen, Apotheken und Ärzt*innen

ENGLISH Trans* Heath

ENGLISH Trans* Heath Cost and time frame The costs are divided into one-off and monthly expenses. For the stimulation, the monitoring including discussions, and the examinations, you pay between 3000 to 4000 euros per cycle. If the treatment does not work at the first attempt, a new cycle, which is also chargeable, must be initiated. The price per cycle also depends on the amount of hormones and medication administered. Some women, trans * men and non-binary people just need more or longer treatment phases than others. The entire process can take a few weeks to several months. Depending on the location, there are additional storage costs for keeping cold - cryopreservation - of around twenty euros per month. The regulations on how long egg cells can be frozen vary from country to country. In Germany, Cryopreservation of test tube containing sperm and eggs cryosamples however, it is possible for an indefinite period. Not to be forgotten are the costs for the subsequent fertility treatment, currently around 2000 euros. However, this includes the fertilization of the egg cell and its implantation in the original or other suitable uterus. In Germany, surrogacy is currently not possible, nor is it possible to bring the egg cells abroad. Medical Freezing and the TSVG Unfortunately, you still have to bear the costs of social freezing yourself. Health insurance companies and employers do not currently cover any costs that arise for non-medical reasons. However, when the German Appointment Service and Supply Act (TSVG for short) came into force on May 11, 2019, some improvements were made for the use of health services. For young adults with cancer, the costs of cryopreservation are covered by the statutory health insurance companies. By preserving egg and sperm cells, this group of patients should be able to have children even after cancer treatment. Since this process requires a medical need, it is called medical freezing. (ts,sw) Activism for Health Since May 2019, the Appointment Service and Supply Act (TSVG for short) has provided that drugs to prevent infection of HIV („Pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP“) are covered by the statutory health insurance companies for people with an increased risk of infection. This regulation also came about through protracted and persistent activism on the part of the affected community. There is no doubt that social freezing is a medical necessity for trans* and non-binary people. Nevertheless, this group of patients cannot (yet!) take advantage of medical freezing. There is clearly an unequal treatment of different indications or patient groups. Activism for more equality and fairness in society is not just fun. It is necessary to create a world in which all people have equal rights and access to care. Inhaber: Dr. Karsten Krause Seestraße 64 13347 Berlin - Wedding Telefon 030 - 45 02 65 25 Freundliche und kompetente Beratung bei Fragen zu HIV und Aids Inhaberin: Barbara Krause Turmstraße 38 10551 Berlin - Tiergarten Telefon 030 - 395 16 23 Freundliche und kompetente Beratung bei Fragen zu HIV und Aids 52 CHECK | AUSGABE 3 CHECK | AUSGABE 3 53

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blu, hinnerk, gab, rik, Leo – die Magazine der blu Mediengruppe erscheinen monatlich in den Metropolen Deutschlands. Die nationale Reichweite der Magazine ermöglicht den reisefreudigen Lesern Zugriff auf alle Informationen immer und überall. Themenschwerpunkte sind neben der regionalen queeren Szene, Kultur, Wellness, Design, Mode und Reise. Unsere Titel sind mit der lokalen Community jahrzehntelang gewachsen und eng verbunden, was durch Medienpartnerschaften mit den CSD-Paraden in Hamburg, Berlin, München und Frankfurt sowie zahlreiche Kooperationen, wie der Christmas Avenue in Köln, seinen Ausdruck findet.