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CHECK wendet sich an Schwule und Trans*-Männer jeden Alters, jeder Herkunft oder Weltanschauung. • umfassender Serviceteil mit allen wichtigen Adressen von Beratungsstellen, Apotheken und Ärzt*innen

EN HIV HIV In Times Of

EN HIV HIV In Times Of The Corona Pandemic: „Regular use of ART* and adherence to check-up dates are important“ Dr. Stefan Fenske Better active ingredients, fewer and smaller tablets and more uncomplicated administration rules than before: We asked Dr. Stefan Fenske from the “Infection Medical Center Hamburg (ICH)“ (, what benefits do patients get from simplified therapy regimens – especially now during the corona pandemic. HIV therapy has developed significantly in recent years:. The number of tablets has decreased to a complete regimen in one tablet. Do you see any benefits for your patients? The most important advantage is, of course, taking just one tablet a day. This can have a positive impact on adherence, which in turn is crucial for safe and long-term effectiveness. In addition, today‘s active ingredients are usually much better tolerated than previous ones and often have a significantly higher resistance barrier. Ingestion with or without a meal hardly plays a role in modern multiple therapies. Who mostly addresses the possibility of a change of therapy: Does the request come from the patient or from you? Mostly the proposal comes from my side. After a change, most patients are even more satisfied with their new therapy. But even if it all sounds so simple at first: I still believe that continuous support from an HIV specialist practice is absolutely essential. Changing to just one tablet at a time is not suitable for every patient. And of course, there are still adherence problems, side effects or interactions with other medications that the doctor needs to know about. Does modern therapy with a reduced number of tablets also have psychologically positive effects? What is your experience from practice? It is quite certain that taking a well-tolerated therapy once a day has a positive effect on the psyche, if perhaps only in the subconscious. People are less often reminded of the existence of the infection and feel 66 CHECK | AUSGABE 1

“In order to avoid unnecessary contact times for very bad CD4 cells below 200 / µl, it is advisable to consult the practice team to determine whether special appointments are possible at times when there are few visitors.“ “less sick”. The good tolerability of these modern regimens is certainly to be emphasized again. With regard to current events, is there an increased risk of contracting Covid-19 in people who live with an HIV infection? As of now, people with a well-treated HIV infection have no increased risk of Covid 19 disease. It is important, of course, to take the ART* regularly and to check the laboratory values ​ regularly, therefore: make sure to keep you control appointments! In general, control appointments should be taken as normal. In order to avoid unnecessary contact times for very bad CD4 cells below 200 / µl, it is advisable to consult the practice team to determine whether special appointments are possible at times when there are few visitors. (ts) *ART = antiretroviral therapy With the kind support of Gilead Sciences GmbH What about doctor visits at the moment? What behavioral measures do you recommend, especially in the case of an advanced HIV infection?

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