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CHECK wendet sich an Schwule und Trans*-Männer jeden Alters, jeder Herkunft oder Weltanschauung. • umfassender Serviceteil mit allen wichtigen Adressen von Beratungsstellen, Apotheken und Ärzt*innen

EN Adherence: Only a

EN Adherence: Only a drug that is taken can work! Adherence corresponds to the consistent compliance to the treatment plan agreed with the therapist. The care team should take into account the individual needs of the patient and the factors that could make it difficult for them to achieve the therapy goal. The involvement of the patient in the design of the therapy is not only desired, but in many cases an essential prerequisite for the success of the therapy. clarify with the doctor whether irregular day and night rhythms may influence treatment. Because: If there are fluctuations in the intake, resistance can form and the viral load would increase. Side Effects First of all, the good news: Most side effects occur only at the start of treatment and only temporarily. Those include headaches, slight nausea or sleep disorders. However other difficulties may occur and persist. Occasionally, those affected report dry skin, but they do not always associate it with the therapy. Experienced pharmacists sometimes speak to their patients directly. „We know which drugs are used and can give tips on which skin care products are suitable here,“ says Christian Winhausen of the Witzleben pharmacies in Berlin Charlottenburg. It is a great advantage if the patients submit all their prescriptions to the same pharmacy. „If I know the patient and know that they are taking a certain antiviral each day, then I can point out possible interactions.“ Caution should be exercised, for example, with St. John‘s wort. The herbal and over-the-counter substance is quite capable of lowering the active level of the virostatic. Protect Yourself And Others The doctor will decide together with the patient which medication suits them best, taking into account the medically-relevant factors. Consistent use and compliance with the check-up dates protect those affected from immunodeficiency and their partners from infection. Because: With a stable viral load below the detection limit, an infection of the partner can be ruled out even with unprotected sex. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), which is now covered by most health insurances, offers an additional option to protect yourself from an infection through your positive partner. Talk to each other Circumstances change. Maybe a new job, a stay abroad or a partnership will bring new challenges: Unusual working hours or an irregular everyday life. Last but not least, we are all getting older. It is not unlikely that further findings will appear over the years, the treatment of which must be coordinated with HIV therapy. There is a solution for everything, provided there is open communication with the different medical practices and with the pharmacy. (ts) 60 CHECK | AUSGABE 1

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