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Die erste Ausgabe des Männer*Gesundheitsmagazins für Bayern


ENGLISH TELEMEDICINE TEST EASILY FROM HOME makes it possible to not only check for possible diseases quickly and easily, but also to make effective treatments accessible - all without leaving the house! EasyTest provides fast results digitally and offers the expertise of leading specialists in Germany. We spoke to Ramin Shafii, a member of the EasyTest Scientific Advisory Board. Hello Mr. Shafii. Could you please tell us briefly how EasyTest works? EasyTest is a new part of the Wellster Healthtech Group and offers various test options for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We also offer tests to determine testosterone and vitamin D levels. Patients can first find out which test offers are available on the website and then select the test that suits them best. The test is delivered to your home - discreetly in neutral packaging - and carried out there by the patient in accordance with the instructions provided. The evaluations then take place in a certified partner laboratory. As soon as the results are available, the patient receives a code with which they can log on to the homepage and check their results. Do the tests require a prescription? The tests do not require a prescription and are currently still a self-pay service. In general, such medical tests are most commonly performed in a doctor‘s practice. With EasyTest we offer anonymous and fast tests that can be carried out comfortably at home. Incidentally, the results can be obtained within 72 hours. So, it‘s not an all-in-one test because each indication is tested separately for? These are individual tests, with the test for detecting the sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea and chlamydia being combined in one test kit. We have currently launched four different tests, but plan to further expand the range in this area. On your homepage, you also offer advice specifically on men‘s problems. There are three areas in total: GoSpring, Easy and EasyTest. GoSpring only has products for men addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss. At Easy, we offer assistance on mental health issues such as sleep disorders or mood swings. And then our third brand, EasyTest, under which we offer the home test kits. And how is the response? It‘s very positive! The corona antigen rapid test is of course very much in demand at the moment, but so are testosterone and vitamin D level tests. This is probably also due to the fact that, especially in the current situation, people like to save themselves the trip to the doctor‘s office. In general, the interest and the need for telemedicine increased during the corona pandemic, which is also having a positive effect on us at EasyTest. Telemedicine makes it possible to offer fast, reliable health tests, even in such difficult times, without having to leave the house. (ts,sw) Ramin Shafii, licensed pharmacist 54 CHECK BAYERN #1

ADVERTORIAL TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR (SEXUAL) HEALTH ENGLISH Sexual health is not only understood as the absence of sexually transmitted infections, it includes holistic well-being in and with one‘s own sexuality as well. After all, good sex also strengthens the immune system. So, nobody should have to miss out on enjoying a healthy sex life, especially right now. Unfortunately, even the best sex can sometimes bring some less-than-desirable surprises. The good thing is: With just a few steps and suggestions, you can take good care of your sexual health. 1. QUESTION YOUR PREJUDICES AND NEEDS Taking care of our body and health openly and proudly has become part of our everyday life: We take nutritional supplements, go to the gym and get medical check-ups, meditate for better concentration and mental health, or switch to an anti-inflammatory diet. As critically and devoted as we look to our physical well-being, we often neglect our sexual health with shame. Sometimes we lack awareness of this part of our lives and often our own preferences and attitudes get in the way of taking care of this matter. But of course an active and healthy life also includes sex. 2. KNOW YOUR RISK Being and staying sexually healthy does not mean abstinence or monogamy, but rather taking responsibility for yourself and others. Not all sex is equally risky, but suitable protection can be found for every risk, for example with regular STD screenings. Confidential advice on sexually transmitted infections can be obtained from certain checkpoints or HIV-AIDS counseling services. 3. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Being aware of your own sexual behavior and regular testing for sexually transmitted infections are ultimately comparable to the German AHA rules for coping with the corona pandemic. That is: Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske (Distance, Hygiene, Face mask). In both cases it is not just about your own health and lifestyle, but about staying healthy in a responsible manner and out of solidarity. With the s.a.m. health service, not only can the samples be taken easily and conveniently at home, the results are received via SMS after a few days. As soon as the next test is due, you’ll receive a reminder via SMS. 4. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH As in all matters of health and well-being, selfdetermination and discretion are paramount. The offer from s.a.m health was designed on this basis. A confident approach to one‘s own sexual health can not only improve your personal wellbeing, but also help your partner/s to become more secure. s.a.m health is a joint project between the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, AIDS-Hilfe Munich, Labor Lademannbogen and ViiV Healthcare. s.a.m health was developed with and for the community: The users love the simplicity, discretion and professionalism of the offer. Your first test kit will be sent to you in the mail in just a few steps. More information at With the kind support of ViiV Healthcare CHECK | AUSGABE 4 55

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