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Die erste Ausgabe des Männer*Gesundheitsmagazins für Bayern


PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH SEX WITHOUT ORGASM Most of the time we have a clear goal in mind during sex: the climax. But sometimes you just can‘t ejaculate. Instead of exposing ourselves to sperm stress, we ask whether the climax itself is perhaps a little overrated. Foto: Christian Buehner/ YOU DON’T NEED A PARTNER TO CUM If it‘s just about cum, your own hand will do just fine. With masturbation, you don‘t even have to dress up beforehand, let alone spend money on a dinner together or the BVG ticket to a date. There is no risk of getting infected with anything and you don‘t have to show your sex partner how to properly handle your dick for optimal pleasure. Sex as a way to achieve orgasm is therefore neither efficient nor cost-saving. So there has to be more to it. EXCHANGE AND CLOSENESS You see him in a bar or while browsing the apps and it is immediately clear: I want to have sex with him. The hundred horny things that you have in mind already have you getting hard as your mind gets lost in fantasy. You will kiss, caress, sweat together, taste and smell each other. You will be vulnerable, penetrate each other, with your tongue, cock, fingers, hands or toys. You will moan and make funny faces, maybe laugh in between, eat something or consume illegal substances. You will pay attention to each other and tell each other how awesome you think you are and how nice this time together is. All of this happens during sex. Not while you climax. 50 CHECK BAYERN #1

PSYCHOLOGY THE SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLE In the 1960s, William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, pioneers of sex research, investigated the sexual response cycle and divided it into the following sections: • THE AROUSAL PHASE in which the desire increases. • THE PLATEAU PHASE in which the pleasure persists. • THE ORGASM that releases tension. • THE REGRESSION PHASE in which the pleasure dies down. We all know this cycle and see it again and again in mainstream pornography. The orgasm as the third act is simply part of it. Those who do not experience it inevitably think that the entire cycle is imperfect and that sex is not completed. However, it is precisely this view that creates quite high pressure to perform, especially among men. Ejaculation is equated with functioning masculinity and ultimate satisfaction. The hundred great things you experience during sex lose their value. As a result, the numerous wonderful sensory impressions are also perceived as unimportant and a negative feedback spiral develops. The body‘s own sense of pleasure during sex is pitted against the production of semen. A few drops of pleasure become more important than a lively body that offers sexual well-being way into old age. Another thing to keep in mind is that men don‘t just experience beautiful sensations when they ejaculate. Even with a skillful massage of the prostate, orgasm-like feelings can arise. THE WAY IS THE GOAL Men need to reevaluate their perception of sexual pleasure and ejaculation. Many of us deliberately postpone orgasm or even not come at all during sex. They say that because if you hurry to orgasm, the energy level rapidly falls after ejaculating. But if you build up the energy slowly, let the pleasure develop and only come when the whole body is already ecstatic, this energy drop is much smaller. However, this also depends on how intense the emotional encounter was before and during sex and not necessarily on whether or not an orgasm occurred. Men who completely refrain from cumming after good sex report that they are often energetic and much more motivated for hours or even days. There are several sex terms that describe and cultivate these practices, such as “edging” or “cumcontrol”, where the partner determines when to shoot the load. In some SM relationships, cock cages are also used so that the submissive partner does not even have the opportunity to come. So don‘t stress! For many people, sex is one of the most intense and pleasurable ways to meet each other – with or without orgasm. (ts,sw) Anorgasmia If you cannot have an orgasm in the long term, it is called anorgasmia. This is a type of sexual dysfunction that often causes frustration. Often understood as a psychological symptom, it can also be caused by medical problems such as diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, genital mutilation, complications from genital surgery or pelvic trauma - for example falling on the frame of a bicycle. Hormonal imbalances, spinal cord injuries and cardiovascular diseases can also be the cause. If the problem persists, be sure to consult a doctor. CHECK BAYERN #1 51

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