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Die erste Ausgabe des Männer*Gesundheitsmagazins für Bayern


ENGLISH BEAUTY & WELLNESS 5 Expert Tips for SAFER BEAUTY TREATMENTS A new German law came into effect on January 1, 2021, which aims to protect patients from unsafe cosmetic surgery. The revised ordinance on protection against the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation (laser therapy) when used on humans stipulates that only specially-trained doctors may use devices for aesthetic reasons such as vascular removal, scar treatment, skin tightening or tattoo removal. 1. GO TO A SPECIALIST From now on, only licensed doctors are allowed to use the mentioned devices for cosmetic procedures and they must have special training. The only exception being hair removal. Those who perform the treatment must be able to deal with possible complications. They should also be able to prescribe medication if necessary. Non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures, like hair removal, are low-risk and are exempt from the new regulations. Other procedures, like the ones listed above, require a doctor, as they can anticipate potential complications and prescribe medication if necessary. Be sure to check that the doctor has the relevant certificates, though, demonstrating the requisite specialist knowledge. 2. USE COMMON SENSE Cosmetic studios, beauty institutes and sometimes hairdressing salons lure you with cheaper prices. Voucher and discount websites also advertise questionable offers for aesthetic interventions that should definitely be avoided. An aesthetic intervention has a certain value, which is reflected in the materials and equipment used. It makes a difference whether suppliers get their products from debatable internet sources or from reputable sources that certify their devices and materials. The specialized training of doctors, the costs for device maintenance, hygiene and documentation standards are also included in the treatment. 3. BE CRITICAL ON THE INTER- NET AND SOCIAL MEDIA Unrealistic ideals of beauty are being created on the Internet, especially on social media, which establish the “inflatable lip” or the “gladiator‘s chest” as the norm. This increases pressure on young people, in particular, to look a certain way. Doctors should primarily attract attention through their presence at specialist congresses and not through their Instagram or TikTok activities. Therefore, inform yourself not only via colorful social media channels, but also on the website of the provider. Here you should find everything about techniques, devices and materials used. It should also be clear who will treat you later. Controlled platforms like Jameda can be helpful here. 32 CHECK BAYERN #1

BEAUTY & WELLNESS 4. FORM AN OPINION DURING A CONSULTATION Reputable providers always offer a detailed consultation and, if necessary, carry out a skin analysis. You should be suspicious if confronted with special offers or excessive discounts. Promises that sound all too sweet regarding the result can also be an indication of dubious practices. Asks the doctors about their qualifications and experience in relation to the intended procedure. 5. PAY ATTENTION TO THE CE MARKING A medical CE mark for products is also an indication of quality in terms of aesthetics. The corresponding devices and materials go through a certification process that check for effectiveness as well as tolerances. So far, devices with a purely cosmetic CE or a CE corresponding to „China Export“ have also been used. The medical CE can be recognized by the four numbers behind the letters CE (for example CE1234). As of 2021 laser devices, but also volume fillers such as hyaluronic acid for wrinkle injections must have a medical CE mark, according to the new regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on medical devices, applicable by law from May 26th, 2021. The American FDA approval, in addition to the medical CE, is a quality feature. However, it is not mandatory in Germany. (ao,sw) Foto: Overview of the indications • acne scars • age spots • eyelid lifts • fat removal • burn scars • hair removal • liposuction • muscle building • rosacea (diffuse redness and veins on the face) • scars • skin tightening • spider veins • tattoo removal • varicose veins • wrinkle treatment CHECK BAYERN #1 33

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