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HIV ENGLISH THERAPY IN EVERYDAY LIFE What impact does HIV therapy have on everyday life? You can live a long and healthy life these days with HIV. Nevertheless, the diagnosis can still be a decisive event that raises many new questions. One of them is how you can now best integrate HIV therapy into your everyday life, such as taking the medication before or after a meal. But in modern HIV therapy, such strict regulations are now more the exception than the rule. EVERYDAY WORK CHALLENGE Regular working hours make it much easier to plan the daily intake of medication. But even if you don’t work shifts, there can be challenges in everyday work, for example if you need to travel abroad on a business trip to somewhere with a time difference. DESIGN YOUR FREE TIME HIV therapy has almost no impact on the choice of leisure activities. Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider for HIV-positive people in order to ensure successful treatment: of course, when going on excursions, you should always remember to pack your medication with you in case there are any delays. And amateur athletes should keep in mind that dietary supplements can also interact with HIV drugs. In particular supplements which promote muscle building can be an issue, which in the worst case scenario can endanger the success of the therapy. SO DO YOU HAVE TO LIMIT YOURSELF WITH HIV? Of course, that‘s not a reason to quit sports right now. However, you should talk to your doctor about what you need to consider. This is important in order to be able to maintain the current rhythm of life even with HIV therapy and, above all, to be able to maintain one‘s own quality of life. MAKE HIV A SMALL PART OF LIFE It can sometimes be challenging to integrate your own HIV therapy into your personal daily routine. Sometimes this is also because the medication you are currently taking no longer fits into your everyday life. There is a suitable individual therapy for every rhythm of life. If with your doctor you can find the best therapy that suits you, HIV will become a much smaller part of your life. (ts,mb) Further information and personal stories about living with HIV can be found at Supported by ViiV Healthcare 86 CHECK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG #1

WENIGER ANSPANNUNG MEHR ENTSPANNUNG Zu wissen, was alles in deiner HIV-Therapie steckt, kann dich gelassener machen. Sprich mit deinem Arzt, was für dich und dein langfristig gesundes Leben am besten ist. WENIGER HIV MEHR DU Mehr Infos unter NP-DE-HVU-ADVT-200003-10/2020

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