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ENGLISH ADVERTORIAL WHEN AGE AFFECTS POTENCY PROF. DR. MED. FRANK SOMMER: “DON‘T PANIC, MEN, THERE IS HELP - I PROMISE!“ Frank Sommer is Professor of Men‘s Health in Hamburg and President of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mann und Gesundheit e.V.” In his role, he advises men on potency problems and sexuality on a daily basis. A question that men over 35 often ask him is: “Doctor, my potency is decreasing, what can I do?“ Here he offers us some solutions. Prof. Sommer, first of all, why does potency decrease in men as they get older? The physiological reasons are that from the age of 35, the penis begins to lose strength and substance, and the tissue structure of the erectile tissue changes. Good tissue is slowly broken down; bad tissue that prevents an erection is slowly built up. This affects all men, but depending on how strong the breakdown process happens, some earlier and others later. Another reason is the aging of the blood vessels. And the aging process also affects the nerve conductivity, so it becomes more difficult to build up enough nerve impulses for a very good erection. The erectile and potency muscles are also subject to a process of degradation over the years. And, of course, the biologically active testosterone decreases with age. Are we helplessly at the mercy of these degradation processes? Definitely not! Men can take preventive action. I distinguish between two types of prevention: the more special targeted cavernous body training and then the more general actions of living a healthy lifestyle. The latter means to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and to exercise moderately. What about the more special prevention? This is about keeping the erectile tissue and blood circulation in a good condition. This can be achieved through interval training, such as by running outside or training at home. Men can find special erectile tissue training on my website In a video tutorial we show exercises for PST (potency strength training). Due to corona, the exercises are now freely available on my website. This is because it is important to me that men do something for their health and of course their sexuality. What do you do when your erections have already decreased? An interesting therapy option for erectile dysfunction, without burdening the body with drugs, is the vacuum pump with penis ring. On the one hand, it immediately helps to get a firmer erection for sex. On the other hand, it can also be used to train the penis and make it fit in the long term. In order to have spontaneous intercourse with erectile dysfunction there are drugs that can be injected into the penis or that can also be taken orally. But in order to achieve a cure for erectile dysfunction, one must first see a doctor to see what the penile infrastructure looks like, or to check what the blood circulation is like. (ts,mb) 82 CHECK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG #1

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