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POTENCY Foto: ENGLISH people like to consume more of it on top. There is a danger that this will then add up and become a health risk. How well do these supplements work? Basically, the PDE-5 inhibitors work very well, they help around 70% of all men with erectile dysfunction. They work even better in a healthy man. But I should point out that these pills do not make the penis bigger or thicker, even if many wish so. What if it doesn’t work? Then there may be an organic problem. And very important: nothing works without sexual stimulation! If I’m not stimulated, even the best pill won’t do any good. What are the dangers of taking them? It is not for nothing that you need a prescription for them. If I suffer from poor blood flow to the heart or liver or kidney problems, I should talk to the doctor about this and adjust the dosage. Interaction with alcohol, drugs or other medication can also be problematic. Which quantities are recommended? That cannot be generalised, especially since the dosage of the individual preparations is not comparable. 20 mg of tadalafil (Cialis) corresponds to 100 mg of sildenafil (Viagra). My tip: don’t go straight to the limit. Start with low doses and see what happens. Overdosing can lead to headaches, heartburn or dizziness, in the worst case to a permanent erection. With Cialis muscle and joint pain have also been noted; with Viagra a temporary change in color vision. 78 CHECK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG #1

POTENCY which promised a faster effect. But apart from the fact that there is not so much to gain in this respect, it hardly caught on. „ Much is promised, but nothing has been proven that even comes close to the effectiveness of PDE-5 inhibitors. “ The substances require a prescription, but are easy to get over the Internet... That’s right, the market is big and going to the doctor is unpopular. But there are many offers from dubious sources and counterfeits that can contain substances that do not belong there. The products in the official trade are continuously monitored, so I strongly recommend using this distribution channel. The original preparations are now also available cheaply. So there is no reason to take a risk. Has the development progressed, has anything changed in terms of sexual enhancement drugs since 1998? The active ingredient Sildenafil was the benchmark back then, since Viagra literally raised the bar. With Tadalafil 2003 the effect could be extended. And in 2014 came Avanafil, Are there any more gentle or homeopathic alternatives? Much is promised, but nothing has been proven that even comes close to the effectiveness of PDE-5 inhibitors. Alternatively, there is now a penis syringe. Is that recommended? It works well indeed. It was originally used for paralyzed people, but is also effective in men who cannot cope with PDE-5 inhibitors – and that is around 30%. The active ingredient, for example alprostadil, is injected directly into the side of the erectile tissue. That sounds a bit scary... But it is not, because the needle is incredibly thin and the stitch is barely noticeable. You can’t break anything if you do it right. Diabetics also have to give themselves injections every day. Potency pills are a classic topic for men – is there anything on offer for women that increases lust? From a pharmacist’s perspective, women are still treated like men 300 years ago (keyword unicorn powder). But the whole thing is also a more difficult topic for women, particularly as the trigger stimulus, which must always be present, is simply less clear to locate here. But between us: the question of increasing women’s desire has never really been asked in over 20 years. (ts,mb) Photo: Bernd Müller Regenbogen Apotheke Sonnenstrasse 33, 80331 Munich CHECK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG #1 79

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