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BEAUTY & WELLNESS ENGLISH BALD is also SEXY Foto: Charles The problem of hair loss in men has mutated into a billion dollar industry. Whether in the form of pills, lotions or hair transplants, it is clear that having a full head of hair is important to males. And they are willing to pay a lot for it. ATTRACTIVENESS AND EXTERNAL PERCEPTION It has long been known that bald men are perceived quite well, as researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found out in 2012. In a nutshell: bald guys were perceived as more dominant and rated almost an inch taller and 13 percent stronger than men with a full head of hair. And those with shaved heads received top marks for masculinity. BALDNESS AND PROSTATE CANCER A 2010 study found that men who go bald at a young age have up to 45% less risk of prostate cancer later in life. Scientists from the Washington University Medical School in Seattle studied 2,000 men between the ages of 40 and 47, half of whom had prostate cancer. The results showed that men who were already developing bald spots and receding hairlines had the lowest risk of cancer. IDEALS OF BEAUTY AND SELF- CONFIDENCE Beauty ideals are constantly changing. Look at Billie Eilish who got a lot of criticism for supposedly betraying feminist values ​by making herself into an object. Just because she starts wearing red light district corsets and posing as a full-on seductress. Her answer: ”I can do whatever I want!“ If there is one thing men can learn from the stony path of female emancipation, it is not to let others control you. Man, you are beautiful, with a bald head or full hair. It depends on how you carry yourself and in particular your head: uplifted and endowed with a self-confidence that has been hard-earned through reflection? Or lowered because you still think you are only worth as much as others allow you to be? ALTERNATIVE: HAIR TRANSPLANT However, many men simply cannot come to terms with the fact that the hair on their head is slowly disappearing. They feel increasingly unattractive and may even withdraw from social life. That is of course sad, but there is help in the form of a hair transplant. There are now numerous clinics around the world that offer hair transplants. Facilities in Turkey, for example, are among the best and focus on quality and affordable prices in equal measure. (ts,mb) 46 CHECK BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG #1

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