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Men’s health What can

Men’s health What can a man do to prevent physical signs of aging? To stay healthy and fit, one should adopt an active lifestyle. Above all, regular endurance sports are helpful. Weight training is also good because it has a positive effect on bone density. However, one should not only train strength, but also circulation which also promotes healthy sleep. Last but not least, older men should always do something to improve their mobility. “A person’s sexuality changes in the course of life, and the phenomena described doesn’t always have to be a problem.” What should I do if I want to exercise or even start a sport at an older age? First of all, I recommend sports where you exercise at a constant level like hiking, cycling, or swimming. It’s important to start slowly, about 15 to 30 minutes with light impact. It takes time to strengthen muscles and joints. Then you can increase the exercise. Especially in old age you should keep an eye on your joints and wear good shoes. If you experience pain, stop and seek medical advice. What role does nutrition play? A big one! Most of you should be familiar with the regular nutrition advice: Whole grain products, vegetables, fruit, lots of vegetable fats and oils, little sugar, and salt intake should also be reduced. In addition, sufficient low-calorie liquids and no nicotine – because smoking accelerates the aging of various organs and increases the risk of cancer. Plenty of supplements promise high performance well into old age – what is to be made of such preparations? Most of them do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. They may not cause any harm, but bring nothing, apart from a possible placebo 40 CHECK BAYERN #3

Men’s health effect. It is a little different with cosmetics: your skin needs care and should be moisturized as it ages. However, you don't have to dig deep into your pocket for this. It is important that the products are hypoallergenic. Is there such a thing as menopause in men? There are no such drastic changes as women experience them. That's because the production of the "masculinity hormone" testosterone has been slowly declining since your late 20s. But these hormones may fall below a level in old age that is then also noticeable. And how is that noticeable? The symptoms are relatively unspecific: you may feel listless, irritable, tired. On top of this, sexual desire and general performance may decline. Anyone who suspects a testosterone deficiency should go see a doctor. Only if the diagnosis is confirmed will they prescribe the appropriate preparations. Since testosterone can also have side effects, it should only be taken under medical supervision. Does aging also affect men psychologically; can they be prone to age depression? Besides dementia, depression is the most common mental illness in old age and in both sexes. This has physical, but also social causes such as loneliness. Depression is often overlooked, especially in men, because men are often not described as sad or depressed, but irritable, listless or grumpy. Are you personally afraid of aging? Yes and no. Sometimes the idea scares me a little, but I also trust that I have good physical and social conditions to continue to enjoy my old age. Last but not least, I am looking forward to the fact that some things will no longer stress me so much and that many things will lose their horror in old age! Infektiologie Schwabing Ainmillerstraße 26 80801 München Photos: Anna Shvets / Pexels CHECK BAYERN #3 41

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