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Sexual Education ENGLISH

Sexual Education ENGLISH DIVERSE BODIES Interview: Torsten Schwick With "Sexual education on trans* and non-binary bodies", a collection of descriptive and informative cards will be available from September 2021 on the diverse manifestations of trans* and non-binary breast areas and genitals. The body features are deliberately shown in an aesthetically enriching form and are supplemented by a description. The material cards can be used for educational group work in workshops, in teaching, in a self-help context and/or for private viewing. CHECK spoke to Alexander Hahne, the creative mind behind the project. Hello Alexander, how would you describe the new material cards in your own words? The material cards offer visual insights into trans* and non-binary bodies. People have very different wishes for what, or whether they want to change something in their body. And how did the idea come about? During my work in sexual education and as a bodyworker, I noticed that there is no illustrated material that represents different trans* and non-binary bodies and shows the wonderful diversity. Often trans* and non-binary bodies are represented and, above all, named in such a way that reference is made to cis bodies. I don't like that and what I see are empty spaces that remain invisible. Therefore, I decided to develop material myself to fill the void with life and to make a contribution to greater visibility. Idea and concept: Alexander Hahne (he), trans* man, sex educator and somatic counselor. Leader and consultant around trans* specific awareness work, body perception, intimacy, sexuality and sexual health. Illustration: Momo Grace Schmülling (she/her or they/them) is a white, queer, non-binary endosex trans* woman, is not dis_Abled, and draws against the cistem. Where can they be used in practice? The cards can be used for educational group work in workshops, in teaching, in a self-help context and/ or for private viewing. It is also possible to use it as a decoration for rooms. In medical contexts, they can help to counter speechlessness on both sides. (ts,mb) Edition assemblage 42 material cards in a laminated cardboard box, bilingual German / English | 148 x 210 mm 30.00 € 978-3-96042-113-9 | 3-973 22 CHECK BAYERN #3

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