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Community ENGLISH On the trail of HIV In the midst of the AIDS panic in the media, the Schwules Museum was founded in West Berlin in 1985. This historical context has shaped the institution's collection and exhibition history over the years, from exhibitions such as “Infektiös” (1992/93) to “Intimacy” (2020/21). Vincent Chevalier with Ian Bradley-Perrin: your nostalgia is killing me. (C) visualaids The art collection owns selected works and the library includes thousands of programmatic books on "HIV / AIDS" as well as brochures, newspaper articles, videos, audios, leaflets, flyers, and ephemera of all kinds. In addition, the in-house archive keeps important assets and estates – partly processed, partly almost untouched – of well-known artists and activists, but also legacies of unknown private individuals. "arcHIV. eine Spurensuche” explores the diverse museum holdings in 9 thematic complexes. On the one hand, the practices of “archiving”, “exhibiting”, and “categorizing” are examined. The main thematic part then deals with the complexes “law” and “activism”, “dying” and “hope” as well as “faces” and “body”. The curators of the exhibition are Maria Bormuth, Eugen Januschke, Heiko Pollmeier, Heiner Schulze, and Todd Sekuler. At the same time, the Schwules Museum and the European HIV / AIDS Archive EHAA started the digital "Berlin Aids Oral History Collection", or "BAOHS" for short. On the museum's website you can find video and audio-recorded interviews with contemporary witnesses such as BeV StroganoV, Ichgola Androgyn, Ute Hiller, and Carsten Schatz, who talked about their different experiences of the AIDS crisis, their lives with HIV / AIDS and their political and social engagement in this field. (red,ts,mb) arcHIV. eine Spurensuche Exhibition: August 20, 2021 - January 10, 2022 Schwules Museum Lützowstrasse 7310785 Berlin 14 CHECK BAYERN #3


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