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Corona ENGLISH Badly informed IS NOT AN OPTION Although there are now enough vaccine doses, according to a recent survey, only 41% of the population in Germany want to be vaccinated (as of July 2021). And another survey by the opinion research institute INSA on behalf of "Bild am Sonntag" (BamS) now shows that 54% of those who have not yet been vaccinated in Germany, do not want to be vaccinated. This is a bit like grandma preparing her family a nice Sunday roast and then all of a sudden half the grandchildren are vegetarians. Except that vegetarianism is actually a healthy thing. If you ask around, the main reason for not wanting to be vaccinated is that some people don’t perceive Corona as a threat to their health. Others prefer to "wait and see" what happens. A smaller group simply distrusts vaccinations in general, some of whom even cite rumors of a world elite conspiracy. It is good to be critical. And you have the right not to get vaccinated. But you also have a duty to inform yourself. The aim of the vaccination campaign is also to return to unrestricted mobility, to open leisure activities, gastronomy, culture, and tourism. Nobody wants another lockdown. So before you decide against it, please take a look at the following points: CAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED STILL BE INFECTED WITH COVID-19? Yes! No vaccine offers 100% protection against the disease. However, the likelihood of getting sick is dramatically reduced if you are vaccinated. Currently, a full vaccination from BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna protects up to 95%, those from AstraZeneca up to 80% and those from Johnson & Johnson up to 70% against disease. If a person who has been vaccinated falls ill with corona, the course is nowhere near as bad as in the case of unvaccinated people. The aim of the vaccination campaign is also to return to unrestricted mobility, to open leisure activities, gastronomy, culture, and tourism. Nobody wants another lockdown. ARE VACCINATED PEOPLE STILL INFECTIOUS? Partially! According to the RKI (Robert-Koch- Institute), the risk of virus transmission by people who have been fully vaccinated is lower than in people who have a negative rapid antigen test in spite of a symptom-free infection. Yet this is only the case after the 15th day after administration of the second vaccination dose. So there is still a risk of transmission, but it is lower than those with a negative test. DOES THE VACCINE INJECT THE CORONAVIRUS? No! The virus is surrounded by a protein coat, inside are the structures that are important for survival and multiplication. Among other 10 CHECK BAYERN #3

Corona things, the so-called spike protein is located on the coat. In order to successfully multiply in the body, Sars-CoV-2 must first dock onto our cells. But it can only do this with the help of the spike protein, which then functions like a kind of transmission cable and infiltrates the virus. The four vaccines approved in the EU add information to our bodies to make this spike protein itself. If SARS-CoV-2 then comes along with the spike protein, the body has already formed antibodies that wrap around the virus shell like a protective film and thus prevent the virus from penetrating the body. Attention: The spike protein produced by the vaccination does not harm the body. In contrast to its natural variant, which attacks the vessels, it is not released into the body, so it cannot penetrate the cells and infect them. WILL THE VACCINES CHANGE MY DNA? No! The DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) stores all hereditary information like a matrix, but it does not do much more. For the implementation of the large amount of information, sections of the DNA produce various RNAs (ribonucleic acid). Those RNAs are constantly being copied and forward the DNA information to the other cells in the body. There are two ways in which the information needed to make the spike protein gets into the body. BionTech / Pfizer and Moderna use what is known as messenger RNA (mRNA). In principle, this is a code which RNA understands, packaged in liquid nano-particles, in this case small fat droplets. AstraZeneca and Johnson, on the other hand, use a vector vaccine. Here the information for the production is built into a virus that is harmless to humans and then transmitted. Vector vaccines are already approved against dengue fever or Ebola. The vaccines cannot penetrate or alter the DNA, nor can they be stored in the body. That is also one reason why vaccinations have to be refreshed again and again. Attention LONG COVID: More and more scientists agree that COVID-19 is actually a vascular disease. The observed long-term effects of COVID-19 disease (LONG COVID) include inflammatory reactions, shortness of breath and fatigue, damage to the heart, the cardiovascular system and changes to the brain and other organs (as of August 2021). So, anyone who refuses a vaccination offer is also exposed to very unpredictable risks in the long term. (ts,dcl,mb) MAUL AUF! DEIN ZAHNARZT Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Timo Bachmann Schweigerstr. 4 81541 München Tel. +49 89 663242 CHECK BAYERN #3 11

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